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Illustrating for Children's Books

I am a little late telling what I'm doing in terms of this e-course. But since I also have a lot to do for November and December for the wonderful digital scrapbooking community, it couldn't be done quicker than today. I'm sorry for that.

Okay, this is agreat e-course that I am following. It's a course made by Lilla Rogers and Zoë Tucker and I love every minute of it! Now we are all making a pitch to send out to companies, publishers and for our online porfolio's. I will do that later and I will make a few of the drawing I made public, but maybe you can imagine that in this stage I won't show everything. So, to really show something for anyone who is really curious, here are some of my sketches. If you are on Instagram, you might have seen them alreay, at least a few, but here are some for everybody. Thank you for looking! I will come back with new stuff to show later!

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