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Sometimes - and I know that - there is too much that I really, really, really like to do. I LOVE Lilla Rogers e-courses and though I don't do them now, I just did three of them during the last few months. Especially during last Summer, I did a lot to make just more and better illustrations. I joined Illustrating for Editorial, Illustrating for Children's books and ICB plus with just more assignments to make a good portfolio. I realized a little late that I also had to do my regular work as a digital scrapbook designer. And... since I am chairman of Schrijvenswaard, the local writers and poets club in my home town which celebrated it's 20th birthday, I also took part of the organization for that project. We made a jubilee bundle with poems of all the members and had a great jubilee party on a wonderful saturday afternoon in September. I even had to offer the first bundle to our maire. Awesome party! Together with Elchie Vriend I designed the cover. This time not with drawings but with a photo and lettering. Seriously fun to do! As you can see, we write in Dutch in the club. Met Andere woorden means: in other words.

If you want to read more about this and are able to read in Dutch, I recommend to go to:

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