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Another new concept

If you want to write and illustrate children's books, it's hard to find a way to find your style. I new that already, but now I made a few new books, in the style I always drew in. Of course I cannot show you right now, because I still want to try and find a good publishing company for my books and therefore I cannot show it to anyone except for some family members and a handful of close friends. But... I found out, I CAN publish yet! YAY! I can publish in a way that I really like, for it is artistic, it's in a bookstore (on the internet) and I can show my colorful way of making things. Here are a few of the books you can buy now at Amazon.

There are more of these low content journals, but these are the first five. Some of them are 6x9" , others measure 8.5 x11" the inside of the journals are also made by me. There are however also some journals with the easy journal lining given by the Book Bolt website where I make these little notebooks and journals. Because there is a -beit low- content books, they all have an ISBN number. You can find my collection of journals at . Search for Berna Datema and you'll find them! Anyway here's the link.

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