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Saying goodbye

Finally I can tell you: I decided, after 17 years, to stop designing for digital scrapbooking. I LOVED designing, but I also love illustrating. It is in fact the same to me, because nearly every item I made was hand drawn. The writing however of especially children's books is what I missed more and more lately. The feeling of total freedom, to loose myself in a story, the characters, the plot, everything, is what I always wanted to do again.

Above: illustration in my first book ever: De grote trek van de stokstaartjes

Maybe some of you know that I made a few children's books in Dutch a long time ago. Two books about meerkats and one about Taco, a young leopard that find a red potty and doesn't know what it is. All three books are sold out. I also did a book cover for Loes Masseree a friend that wrote a wonderful story for children that can already read. It was great to do, just like the cover and illustrations I did for a book written by Patricia de Landtsheer.

You will soon be able to read it all on my website's blog, but first I have a month to say goodbye to all my fellow scrapbooking friends. I will be around as a visitor, but my whole shop will be GONE after the 30th of June!

So I have a wonderful 60% off retiring sale and you should really take a peek there. All bundle, which are already low in price are even better in price: 30% off extra! YAY!

Please, if you are, I hope you will stay my Facebook friend, you can also follow me on Instagram at bernadatema_bernasplayground, but I will certainly get another special illustration account. I will also go on with the etching workshops which will begin again soon. You can find out about that at etsen_bij_esther on Insta and Etsen bij Esther on Facebook. The workshops are only in Beverwijk, in the netherlands, so probably too far for a lot of you.

Anyway, I have some suggestions of stuff you don't want to miss, like my dolls of course! There is a pack with 2017, one with 2018, and one with the combination of 2019, 2020 and 2021, because those years I made less dolls per year.

Lots of stuff are just $1, so it's worth it for sure! Please check all the 16 pages of the shop, you might be stunned at what you see.

Hereunder some tips for you. Have fun shopping!

Soon I will be back with more ideas.

Ps. check my shop for freebies too! You'll never know what you will see!

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