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Still not everything is done

Since I decided that not only designing for digital scrapbooking should be part of my life but illustrating for childrens' books should be back into my life as a daily part of it, I feel a lot more secure about being a professional writer and illustrator for children's books. I love it. I mean, not only the writing and illustrating, but the combination as well. I love both, I want to do both.

Also I wanna do both writing and illustrating together for my own books. It might be the more challenging, I feel that I have something to say. And who can better show how the story goes than me? The pictures are all in my head.

This is my announcement for a new childrens' book to come. I joined the SCBWI and feel a lot more serious than before about my books, my stories, and due to the e-courses of Lilla Rogers and especially Zoe Tucker, I feel now that I can do it. I feel that I am crawling out from under my little rock and make the difference!

just a sample of how I draw emotions on a character

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