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Update since the Summer

I had a blast, the last few months. Not that I didn't when I still was a digital scrapbook designer, but since then, I could explore all kind of activities that I always liked, but never had the time for.

Above: One of the portraits like I make them now.

Like doing portraits. The portraits I made were always quicker and digital, like my selfie-portraits I made a few years back. I still like to make them that way, but now, with the help of a few Domestika e-courses, I must say, I kept my style but gained the skill of doing the first steps of the portrait with watercolor. By hand. Thanks to Ana Santos from Illustrating portraits in watercolor, I now know how to get that extra depth I always missed in my portraits. So I now I feel my mixed media portraits are just a lot more of what I want.

I made all the new portraits this way, using old and new embellishment and elements as decoration. All portraits are made on A3, but also very good printable on A4. Above the one I started with. The other portraits are in the Portraits section of this website.

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