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Writing children's books

So far I made 4 new pitches in 2020 and 2021 during Covid. Of course the books are not all finished or in the same stage of development, but the ideas, the characters, the stories in Dutch, they're all there. Lately a very good friend helped me with the translation in English. I KNOW I make a lot of mistakes so I am very thankful that she helps me. I'm happy that the books are all picture books, so the text is never longer than approx. 500 words. But she helped me with the query letter / synopsis cover letter etc. as well. Anyway, since there is not much to see yet from these books, I have to show another illustration here, and that is an editorial.

Here it is. It's me and my father on Father's Day. It might be a long time ago, but I still remember the special feeling. Also special is the fact that I am the same age there as my target group for my four pitches. The more editorial feel of this picture is fun for my other portfolio: Editorial. I must make more for this portfolio, I love to do that! So that you know!

Thanks for watching!

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