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Lessons today

Today is one of the best of the week: I will have my 2nd lesson in Chinese and after that, I will have a workshop Blog-writing. Now ain't that great? I will finally be able after today to write my own blog, LOL!

Of course there are more things I want to do. I have a whole list and I pick something every day to focus on. In random order, because I just want to do what I like on a particular moment, when I have the time for it. So here's my longlist:

1. Search for items to mock up

2. Make photo's of items to mock up

3. Draw/design items to mock up

4. Find an agent that fits my work

5. Prepare my work to sent to that agency

5. Search for new colors and combinations

6. Search for a fun and inspiring blog to read

7. Search for wonderful design on Facebook

8. Search for awesome styles on Pinterest

9. Create a page full of birds in my sketch book

10. Make photo's outside in nature

11. Draw 20 faces in my sketch book

12. Draw a double page of flowers

13. Think of a wonderful theme for girls

14. Think of a wonderful theme for boys

15. Think of a wonderful theme for women

16. Think of a wonderful theme for the living room

17. Think of a wonderful theme for the kitchen

18. Think of a wonderful theme for the bathroom

19. Think of a wonderful theme for the bedroom

20. Think of a wonderful theme for wall paper

21. Think of a wonderful theme for table cloth

22. Think of a wonderful theme for a dinner set

23. Make 3 absolute gorgeous little paintings

24. Make a self portrait

25. Draw a double page of animals that live in the woods

26. Draw a double page of animals that live in the sea

27. Draw a double page of animals that live in Africa

28. Go to the zoo and draw animals

29. Hand draw an alphabet with upper and lower case, numbers and glyphs

30. Make a double postcard for a birthday for a special age and add the age in the front

31. Make a double postcard for a Special day like Mothersday, fathersday, Easter,

Thanksgiving, Christmas or for somebody that needs to be cheered up, will get better, got

a baby, got two babies, etc.

32. Draw a gorgeous Chinese Character and illustrate around it in pen, ink and aquarel paint

33. Write a poem of 14 lines

34. Paint my nails in 10 different colors

35. Sketch the front and back of the cover for a Children's book / Fairy tale

36. Draw 10 ceramic tiles for a kitchen

37. Make a set of 10 small (mini) repeats in Illustrator

38. Make a still life in green and blue

39. Make a poster for my own company

40. Add a page for a 12 pages journal

41. Design a set of cool bolt fabric prints for Spoonflower

42. Design a wonderful handbag

43. Make an abstract painting in acrylic and add some well written texts

44. Write a small creative workshop for 10 people

45. Write on my Digital Logbook magazine

46. Design a set of 20 great 30x30" papers for my Digital Logbook

47. Design and draw set of fantastic elements for my Digital Logbook

48. Design a great alphabet for my Digital Logbook

49. Design some quick pages

50. Design a freebie for my Facebook or Twitter followers

51. Design a Newsletter Freebie

52. Write a newsletter for my readers

53. Design a cover for the vinyl album for a singer or group

54. Design a ball shape paper lamp

55. Make a Birthday calendar

56. Design a set of birthday invitations, a wreath, a set of paper plates, hats and napkins, etc

for a girl or boy that celebrates her/his 8th birthday

57. Draw and paint the front page for a magazine

58. Make an AAM, an all about me

59. Design a wonderful menu card card for your favorite restaurant

60. Design my own favorite pajama's or house suit

61. Buy flowers, put them in a vase and paint them

62. Make photo's of a great building

63. Draw 10 bikes

64. Learn 10 new words in Chinese calligraphy

65. Draw 10 houses in one style

66. Draw 10 pencils

67. Design the cover for a manual of choice

68. Make a Haiku

69. Write a short story in 10 lines

70. Visit a museum

71. Visit a movie

72. Write one chapter of a thriller for women

73. Draw at least 20 pairs of shoes

74. Design an Alphabet for a baby room

75. Design prints for wall letters of my name

76. Design a new business card

77. Design the cover for a diary

78. Design the cover for schedule book for Highschool kids

79. Design a shopping carrier for older ladies

80. Design an set of mittens, shawl and hat for a todler

81. Make a painting for a waiting room at the dentist's

82. Make a poster for a hair saloon

83. Design a tree house

84. Make a set of book ends

85. Make a round painting and add texture

86. Make a painting and incorporate a map of an existing place/town, land etc.

87. Design a Cereal pack

88. Draw 20 trees

89. Make a painting after a movie

90. Write a blog post about a game

91. Make a collage after an old photo

92. Design a pattern for your favorite chair

93. Design a set of kitchen towels

94. Design a kitchen towel with a year calendar for 2016

95. Draw and collect at least 20 background textures

96. Design decals for a twins' room

97. Design flipflops that you want to wear yourself

98. Design a rug of 2 x 3 meters

99. Design an growth chart

100. Design a presentation page for the mockups

Okay, I have hundreds and hundreds more, but I have to start somewhere, right? :)


( Photo from Kampioen January 2015)

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