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Bolt Fabric & I (episode 2)

A job in the world that would be more exciting than mine? I think there isn't one.

Of course I need to focus even better, sure I really have to focus on my next steps, but this is it: I give a lot of credit to Lilla Rogers, because she made me focus on the essentials. She let me see how wonderful it is to just make things. Just not by working harder, not by making more just for the amount, but by really enjoying what I do.

Lilla says: people buy your joy. And just THAT is the biggest thing I learned from the whole MATS A and MATS B and Bootcamp e-course I followed. I cannot express how grateful I am for letting me see that. Of course I always loved designing, sure I loved drawing, painting, everything. But I never had the feeling that it came to me so natural and in a way that makes me feel full of new energy!

Let me tell you how it all started...

Once I was a designer at a company called Teidem BV/Doncawear. Nowadays it's called just Teidem. It was a company where I could do art work and patterns for all kind of clothes for babies, children, women and men. We, the designers, could draw and make colorful prints the whole day long. On mostly knitted materials we designed from socks to swimsuits, from prints on pajama's and T-shirts to cute little baby onesies. And I had a blast...

I would have stayed if I didn't get pregnant. At that time the policy at Teidem was different: I couldn't make my job into a parttime job back then and, not willing to bring the baby to daycare each and every day, I felt it was time to quit. I became a freelancer and a SAHM.

The pieces beneath are from a time I did the freelance stuff. And I really liked it. Unfortunately, this Vilenzo, for which I designed this, doesn't exist anymore. But it was wonderful: not only did I have to design prints and allover patterns, but I could also design the whole modeling, the over all looks etc.

To be continued....

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