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Make Art that is fun (3)

So what was the reason for us to travel to Brighton? The best reason was to visit the Global Art Gathering. This was the meeting of people who followed or knew Lilla Rogers' e-courses or did something in design. It was a very inspirational day with a great line up of interesting speakers. Like of course Lilla Rogers and Beth Kempton but also Susan McCabe, Joanne Hus, and, WOW Margot Tantau and Rachel Taylor were there!

We got to learn more about how they work, but also about the markets, where to look for opportunities to show your work, where to go to in terms of fairs and trade shows and how to work as a freelance designer etc. I learned a lot. We did some very interesting and really funny little mini workshop things and of course it was a blast to network and really connect with all these wonderful ladies from all over the world and find out we have one thing in common: wanting to work as a designer or illustrator and learn from all these experiences.

I found it a great idea to let everyone put her/his businesscards in piles on a table so that everyone could see it and didn't forget to trade them with the others.

Best thing was that we could meet in real life and despite that I really felt bad about that I couldn't join the shopping tour with Margo Tantau the day before, the impression of the shopping was there and I think I have seen a lot of it together with Harry later, on Saturday and on Sundaymorning.

Here are some photo's. I didn't take many, because my camera broke just before the trip. Had to do it with my iPad, LOL!

Oh ... I almost forgot...

I made a poster for the Global Art Gathering. It was one of the bootcamp assignments to make a poster and a postcard for the event. We had to use of course lettering and date and place. But this was also a challenge because we needed to use special selected colors. Here it is...

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