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They Draw and Cook

I knew that there was a site named They Draw and Travel. And I really, really felt good about it. It is still my intention to design maps of cities and lands an places, just because I love to do so. Remember my map of Alkmaar I made during Lilla Rogers' course? I still love to make this one and hopefully a lot more for the They Draw and Travel website.

But just recently I discovered their other site called They Draw and Cook. Wait a minute, I thought, now wouldn't it be awesome to make one with the old elements I made for ScrapbookGraphics and is now resting (under a pile of dust) in my computer? My collection at that time that I made toghether with Valentina Creations, Ciao Bella, in which food played a major role, especially in my parts of the collab. So that is why I decided in an instant that I just wanted to try a page for They Cook and Travel for myself re-using my old drawings and hand-lettered alphabet.

So this is what I made. AND IT"S ACCEPTED! YAY! Here is the link to They Draw and Cook. It's so much fun, to me it tastes like more! That having said I am doing some other work soon to. I just finished working for the National Ballet in which I helped with the accessoirees and hats and shoes for the ballet 'The Nutcracker'. If you are going there or didn't decide to go or not, my two cents are: GO!! I fell in love with this ballet eight or ten years ago and saw it every four years. In two weeks time they will be dancing it again and it is still as awesome as in the old days.

Now in a few days my father will be hospitallized and I will be helping him when he will be back in his own home toghether with my sister Esther. There will be less time on the computer, because he doesn't have one and I won't find Photoshop or Illustrator on it anyway. But I intend to make a lot by hand, drawing with my cheap HEMA gel pens and maby some ink and watercolor paint too. So I will show you what I make if I can!

Here the link to my recipe:

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