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New logo, new stuff , new e-courses

For me the year has just started. I have been at my father's house a long time during December because he was in the hospital and needed some extra attention. He lives at a longer distance from us so it was handier to travel to the hospital from his house. Now I am home again for a few weeks, I can finally say I have returned: all laudry done, all mess cleaned and cleared and so I had time to finally make a new logo. Here it is.

I also have a bear without the name and a name without a bear version of this. My dilemma now is that this logo might be good for kids stuff, but maybe it's too childish for adult fashion and home decor. Well, at least I have one and I can decide later, if it's needed whether to change it for other groups and target markets. I could of course change the bear into a bird or a tiger or monkey or whatever.

Here are the name and separate bear...

I like it this way, because I will be able to change the bear and let him look to the left while I will still be able to add the text on a proper place...

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