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So excited

Tomorrow will be the first day to start the Home Décor class by Lilla Rogers and Margo Tantau. I am preparing for already a week and sharpened my pencils, clearing out my studio (still a mess, so I've plenty to do) and decide to which mood board from which we could choose I am attracted the most. It were three absolute fabulous boards. We will have to stick to the boards we chose for the whole five weeks, so it's important to pick the right one. When I saw the first one with a lovely baby theme and wonderful soft blushy colors I thought it was already wonderful. But I think this is the most difficult one for me, because I so much love to do something with colors. I mean real colors, more than shades. So I looked at the next board and I felt immediately attracted to this one. The colors are bright, the farm is one of my favorite subjects and it really has a story, a sphere that just could inspire me for a long time. So I already dicided half and half to choose this theme. I was totally happy about my choice and hardly interested that there was even a third theme. So I scrolled down to the last theme and well, I felt completely in love! It is so exactly me! The them and the colors, the bright with the light, the sphere of the... sea.

You know, I have always loved the sea. There isn't a vacation we didn't go to the sea (except for some skiing experiences), swam, sailed, surfed, searched for shells and beach comber finds or jumped in high waves. I think in a former life I have been either a fish or a mermaid.

SO, now you know my choice.

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