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I didn't do this on purpose, leaving digital scrapbooking and telling I would never come back. I didn't plan to leave anyway, but that was because all the things I really wanted to learn took me so much time that I couldn't really divide my attention anymore. So I did the wonderful courses, first Make Art That Sells A and later B and Bootcamp. After that we had a Global Art Gathering in Brighton and I made it to the semi-finals when I joined the Global Talent Search. All courses by Lilla. It was overwhelming, eye opening and it made me realize that there was more what I wanted. In the Summer of 2015 there was an announcement that Margo Tantau and Lilla Rogers were going to do a Home Décor course. And that was what I really really wanted to do. I have been working on this course from Late January until half February and I had a BLAST! Of course I am now a real certificated Home Décor designer. Here's the proof:

And so now that I'm sending my work to all kind of companies, I thought it was time to make something nice. And I saw that some of my friends who I admire and with whom I worked with before in Digital Land, had joined the Studio. Oh, I know what I said, I know I will still make other design besides, but well, who can resist Toiny! We have had contact for years and I have even been at her website as a guest designer.

So I asked and yes! She let me in! I am so cheerful and glad that I found my way back! There is still so much to learn about the site, the gallery, what to produce and what to think of, that it takes a lot of time. But hey, I have placed a few things and guess what? It works! Here are some pages amde with my newest collection, Bye Bye Blimp. Just made for a new generation of scrapbookers, illustrative, colorful and for many purposes. On the site there are also some older collections, which I approved for the new site. Thank you for reading!

Anyone who's following me knows I made a scrapbook paper design during the e-course from Make Art That Sells in which I designed these already. And this is the first product I actually used and rebuild that can be bought.

Here is the original page I made for the course and the element collection that I made of it to be sold.

Above is the page from the course. Hereunder the elements set from the Bye Bye Blimp collection.

For the whole collection I recommend the DSS website, or the Scrapbook tab on this site.

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