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My mom was one of the best paper crafter I ever knew. She could do origami like she invented it, made cranes endlessly and could also make great scale models like nobody else. On top of that she sew our clothes ( very fashionable and colorful) and those for our children when we were young. There was however one thing she said she couldn't do. And that was draw. She always told me she couldn't. And I couldn't understand that, because her handwriting was fabulous! But my dad could draw and paint very well. It's with him that I went to the HAK, our domestic art centre and studied on still lives, painting models and landscapes. No wonder I went to the Teachers academy to study art. No wonder also that I also liked clothes and also did the fashion academy. My fascination with paint and brushes and all kind of materials is still there. Even if I design in a more digital way, it doesn't mean that I don't need paint. That I don't need sketch books and markers and crayons and papers. So here is what I designed with this in mind. I hope you like it. It's great for your kids photo's or when you are doing a workshop yourself, when you want to art journal or when you just feel like it. TYFL!

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