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Easy Piecy

I have always sold quick pages. I still do. Sometimes they are in my newsletter, as a freebie (so make sure you subscribe so you won't miss a thing) and sometimes I just make them in a certain color, or theme. Now these Easy Pieces as I call them, are always 9 per pack en always for a fixed price (except for when they're on sale). Some people think that it is not done to buy these quick pages. And they are right in a way, because if you only use quick pages and nothing else, this is only a system for you to keep up and make sure that you always do something with your photo's. But if you do so, you will never develope into the really creative person that is inside of us all.

When you buy these, try to buy them for a different purpose: Try to find out how I (or another designer for that matter) made it. Because if you see how it's made, you will make more like it. Sure, you can implement these pages in your album, sure it's very handy when you have lots and lots of photo's to 'do'. But try to see it as a base, because wouldn't it be awesome to make pages like these yourself?

Easy Piecy 1 and 2 are now available in my shop.

Tips for quick pages to make them more of your own: use great lettering, optimize your photo's in Camera Raw e.g., Think of unique texts and a perfect quote.

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