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Sk8ing fun

I'm very relieved that there still seems to be so much fun for me in working on collections. If it is to revise one or to make new, it is always a joy to prepare collections and pack for people who love to scrap. I found out, after almost a year of absence that creating things that make me happy always seems to make other people happy too. It should be like that of course. Why should I design if that wasn't the case?

Now I made a few changes to my collection Sk8r Girl. I did change a little on some of the elements and I added a boy next door to make it a collection that could also be fun for boys. For the same reason I also made more papers and divided them in a different way in packs that can attract boys too ( papers vol. 1 has a lot of blue and green with a little less floral motifs, while papers vol. 2 is really girly and pink. Papers 3 and 4 both are more neutral and can be used either way. Now this week only, there is a sale on the items of 30%. With the Paper Bundle or the whole Bundle collection with everything in it you can even have a higher percentage off!

The font

Whether you are a real digital scrapbooker or not, this font is really fun to type with. It's a TTF font and it contains upper and lower case, numbers and glyphs and the benefits of a real font is that you can type with it. Even in Word or in an office program you can use this Sk8r Girl font. Please go ahead and use it for your projects. It's a Personal Use font, so if you use it in a commercial way, please contact me!


I love making freebies and I love making quick pages. That way I can show people what they can do with a page without showing a full layout. And I especially like it when you can use double pages, so the fit fluently into each other in a 12x12" book. I have made three double pages for this collection. You can get them all three by buying the Bundle and by being subscribed to my newsletter. And if you miss today's issue, you can always request a copy to get the link.

Here are the freebies:

This one you get when you buy the Kit (or the Bundle because that's the extra for the Bundle buyers):

This one you get only when you buy the bundle:

And this one is not for sale but will be only available with Berna's Playground Newsletter of today:

Like it? Then here you can subscribe. Note: every issue there is a new freebie. Want them all? Just contact me and I will be glad to show you where you can find them. Note: The Freebies always have the same personal use rules that I set to everything I design for scrapbooking.

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