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I am involved in a lot of things and maybe this is a good time to tell a little more about my life as an artist. I have ADD though I have never been officially diagnosed, but my children are and I have the feeling that I just have the same issues in life as where they have been dealing with all the time. They have medication and though it's not a lot, they really need it to be able to focus on anything they do. I would have done the same, let it be diagnosed and then ask for medication, if I had a 9 to 5 job, or when I would be a student now, in this up tempo life. But I am not. I am a designer, an artist. And when an artist takes the ADD medication, sure, it would help to concentrate, but it would also be very flattening. I heard that it takes down emotions, creativity, feelings. So for me, medication like that isn't an option.

I decided to let it go. To not see all the mess I make - my house is sometimes like a third world war. To just focus on my projects and be a cleaner sometimes, just when things get too much out of hand. People with ADD have problems with focusing on what they do. To give you a sample of that: Sometimes I need coffee. So I walk to the kitchen and halfway I forget what I'm going to do. And I won't take coffee and just start work. Or, I deciede to clean the room. When I see a box with old photo's, it's just the reason why I clean my room a day later.

Anyway, there is also a sort of superfocus. That's when I am really interested in what I do. Like studying Chines and especially when I am designing or drawing. If I have a good idea for a collection, I can be like a pitbull and work my way into the suject just to only let go when I am fully finished. It's even hard then to find serious time to cook a proper dinner.

Now I have had this always, but I can really feel this is getting worse. That's why I am totally going for the design and illustrations and for all creative aspects. So that I can find myself a good cleaning woman and pay her well in order to let myself make that creative mess without worries.

My kitchen when it's pretty neat and clean on a Summer day (last Summer)

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