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Calm before the storm

... that all of us Global Talent Search competitors will know if we are chosen for the next round or that we can work on our own again :). It's sooo nerve-wracking to have to wait to the outcome. For sure, it's a big decision for Lilla Rogers to pick the fifty from 1000 submissions, WOW, that must be even harder than making the entry itself if you ask me! But I still LOVE it, whether I will be chosen or not, I learned a lot! I learned about my style. I now feel that my quirky and whimsicle drawings, half hand painted, half in Illustrator and Photoshop, are more and more from me! I found it very hard to get the feeling that I wasn't copying somebody else - even if this is NEVER my intension, well, there are o many people who draw and paint flowers, birds, cats, just like me.

I sometimes wondered: is my style too precise? Isn't it modern enough? Do I have a lack of self-confidence? Honestly, I don't know. And I don't even know if it matters. Since the beginning of the assignment I am sooo in love with the theme that I already made the decision that I will go on with this theme even when I will be done with the competition.

So here's what I made for today. It's just 1 page. But that's enough because it was warm in the Netherlands and such a good weather to bike through the area. I will be biking with Mariek, a very close friend tomorrow, because she loves to ride on her bike too. It will be good tomorrow too, but I won't be going before I know whether I am in the second round or not. I fyou read this: please, keep your fingers crossed for me! I would sooo love it to be part of Lilla Rogers' agency. Honestly, I want that sooo much....

To be continued...

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