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The March collection

You know what I like the best when I'm making my collections? I know it now: it's to pick the best colors and make the mood board. I'm having so much fun diciding on the goodies for next month, that it's almost even more fun than drawing all the stuff for you! Let's say: I look at the seasons, but not too much, because in other parts of the world, seasons are different. Can a little dog wear a hat in February? Sure! And in August? Yes, in August too. So: the colors and moods and ideas are less depending on what the seasons ask and a lot more on my personal ideas and preferences. Looking at the holidays is something different: I try to add some extra attention to them. Like I made some extra hearts especially for the February pack, because of Valentine's day, but the kit 'Falling in Love' was what I sold seperately, because that was too much Love and Valentine for a year project. I will probably also make a separate collection April with Easter and although it's still far way, I even might be making a Christmas neutral collection for December. Let's see at that time though. For now I made the March collection and I heard from people who already saw it, that the colors are very attractive. Since I exercised so much with drawing houses and trees I found it a good idea to add them to this month for the elements and brushes sets. I hope you like it.

The full March pack contains 40 papers, 53 elements, 27 brushes ans 4 dolls in black outlines and in full color, plus 2 weeks of day by day templates in PSD and in PNG filesfor week 9 and 10 (Febr 26th-March 11th - but you can easily change the dates!

Here some previews and layouts. You can find the collection here

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