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The Diary Files 2018

The Diary Files 2018 . A new beginning. About diaries, planners, classical pages, journaling.

I always liked to keep a diary, but through the years when I was sooo busy building my life, getting married, getting 2 wonderful kids, trying to be in as many creative jobs as I could, there was not so much time for it. Or I didn't think of it. Now that the children are young adults that are still home but having a life of their own, the wish of keeping diaries, but also the need for a creative planner in which I can implement both are coming back.

And that's when I found out sooo many wonderful artistic things like new online courses for instance. And hand lettering, bullet journaling, etc.

Because of the courses by Lilla Rogers, Skillshare, Sketchbook Skool, etc., I now do more drawing and painting by hand now and I enjoy it more than ever!


The Diary Files 2018 is full of hand lettering, hand painting and drawing, all kind of notes and labels to be used for your pages and lots and lots of extra's for you to be able to make any page you want, whether they look like a diary, a planner or a more classical way to use my products.

There are monthly products like the full collection and all the bits and pieces that it exists of, there are the weekly sets of templates, which you can now also buy for the whole month in advance, there are extra's like extra sets of word art, notes and labels, flowers etc, mostly in black outline to add and - last but not least - there is also a new Yearly subscription, which is awesome because you will save really a lot of money and you won't miss a thing! Of course it's a big amount of money once, but for the rest of the year everything, really everything that is made for The Diary Files 2018, will be yours. And believe me, that is a lot more than the $99 that you spend on it with a Year's subscription.

You can check it like this: add up 12 times the price of a pack. Now the first pack is a little more, because there is the whole Starters set included (which is already worth $17.50 but is now, in a seperate pack available for only $7.50 during January. Okay the first pack is 15.95 but worth $49.50 and if you add up the price of a normal pack for 1 month the other 11 months will be around $12.95.

With the packs this year I also implemented ALL the daily templates for the whole month! So no more paying extra for every 3rd and 4th, 5th week in a month. Then there are the Essentials, which can be implemented in a month pack but will also come out in between monthly collection. Add up the benefits of extra's like coupons etc. Now you really see what your savings are!

Here is a little selection of what I made for The Diary Files so far. TO see all the packs and sets, please go to my shop and find out!

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