The Diary Files 2018

The Diary Files 2018 . A new beginning. About diaries, planners, classical pages, journaling.

I always liked to keep a diary, but through the years when I was sooo busy building my life, getting married, getting 2 wonderful kids, trying to be in as many creative jobs as I could, there was not so much time for it. Or I didn't think of it. Now that the children are young adults that are still home but having a life of their own, the wish of keeping diaries, but also the need for a creative planner in which I can implement both are coming back.

And that's when I found out sooo many wonderful artistic things like new online courses for instance. And hand lettering, bullet journaling, etc.

Because of the courses by Lilla Rogers, Skillshare, Sketchbook Skool, etc., I now do more drawing and painting by hand now and I enjoy it more than ever!


The Diary Files 2018 is full of hand lettering, hand painting and drawing, all kind of notes and labels to be used for your pages and lots and lots of extra's for you to be able to make any