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Drawing, drawing, drawing

Since a few years I do these wonderful e-courses by Lilla Rogers and her team. They're all about drawing things for surfaces, for all kinds of markets like home decor, textiles, stationary, cards and also for illustration making for magazines or books. Last time That I did a course was in Fall 2017, when I did Illustrating for Children's Books. It was amazing. You can read about it in another post from last year.

Last week I finished the assigment for Make Art That Sells Bootcamp 2018 and that means that I had another fun project that I finished. This is how the Bootcamp works. It's not very intense, like the Children's books or the Home Décor course, because we had a full month to work on it where you sometimes have only 1 week for an assignment. So I thought I couls spread it out better. And yes, that's what I did. And what I managed to do. Which isn't always easy if you want to do it all! :) Because I also have a Digital Scrapbooking shop I have to run!

Anyway, this is what I had to do the first week. We had to draw what was in our bags. And I did. Maybe you already saw it on Instagram or Facebook, but here it is...

After the first week we got the big assignment for January and, according to our month of birth, we had to draw the stuff from another person. Lilla gave us a name for every month. A name of a famous - at least in America - women. Now I am born on the first of May, so I had to draw what was in the purse of...

The Powerpuff Girls.

Oh boy, I was in shock at first. I was devastating in the beginning, because it was the show that I always disliked when my kids were small. And I didn't dislike it from the drawings, or the style of this cartoon series, but I hated it because of the sound. Really, I don't know what it was about, but I really disliked the intensity of those cartoons, which were in my humble opinion, far too loud for children's ears. So I always hoped they not wanted to see the shows.

I must say, now that I see it back: Sponge Bob and South Park are even worse and they still look it! And I got used to it somehow!

Anyway, it wasn't a bad idea to study the ladies Powerpuff and I think that was the main point of the whole bootcamp: study your characters even if you do not know them, you will be able to do the job. If you can do this, you will be able to do a job given by a company.

After reading, I decided that I would do just one Powerpuff girl. So I did just Blossom. Blossom to my opinion is the character that comes closest to me. Not only because she also loves pink, and that she has red hair -I always seem to have admired women with red hair, I always have had friends with red hair too- but she is also the leader. She is the girl that knows what to do. She organizes. I like that.

Okay, I want to show you one sketch from my sketchbook and the assingment how I have sent it to the gallery.

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