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It went all so fast.

First there was a lot of work for the (to me extra) Anthology collection that I made for Digital Scrapbooking Studio, then there was an awesome GTS, the Global Talent Search which I joined. It was a blast though I didn't won. I learned a lot and found out what i really wanted to do.

After that, I had to rush for the August collection to complete and with only a few days off in the middle of the month, I found myself doing the last assignments of a Lilla Rogers course I did and wanted to focus on, Make Art That Sells Portfolio Review. I can say now, it's still a work in progress, but isnt that life? I sort of changed and updated some of the pages of the website, checked what I wanted to show and wante to leave out or add.

Before I knew it, it was the birthday of my HB Harry and our son Noah after that. It's then that we always plan to take some days off. This time the days off were for the house. We renewed the back of our house by changing the white of the wood around the windows in dark grey, charcoal so that it looked crisp and more modern. Above a photo of the old and below the new house. :)

So fun to have started with MATS MBA after that, now I can say that not only my HB has an MBA degree, but that I'm busy with it too. I didn't finish this e-course yet, because at the end of August I made a wonderful trip with my DD Laila to Paris. OMG, we had so much fun! Visited all those places we wanted to see... uhm, no, not yet, we have to come back. Every year :)

A great terrace in the neighbourhood of Odeon. I LOVE the books I bought. So many inspiring illustrations, picture books darn, I wished I had a bigger suitcase with me. On the other hand: now I could be really selective in what I liked. Chien Pourri á Paris, is in every way one of the best souvenirs of Paris for me!

I was glad I had already made this September collection ready before Paris, so I only had to upload and finish some minor things when we came back. Proud to present it to you hereunder. With the lovely pages from my Creative Team too. If you want to visit my shop please click HERE

Thank you for looking!

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