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November 2018

I have certainly thought of it for a long time: Should I do another year of Diary Files? Or should I do something very different from that. Now, almost at the end of the year designwise, I come to a few conclusions that will have impact for those who follow me in the scrapbook world: I won't stop with digital scrapbooking, do not want to stop with Digital Scrapbooking Studio either. But... there won't be another year of the Diary Files. If you know my collections for TDF, you know that the collections are huge and that I almost always need a little bit more time than I have. That's the main reason why I want to make a commitment to myself: so yes, I will go on designing for digital scrapbooking, and yes, I will implement elements like dolls and brushes and pocket cards and wreaths etc., but no, I won't do a daily template anymore. Though I loved to design them, this is the most exhausting part of all. To make around 30 pages of them per month finally made me decide I quit this part of the deal in 2019.

Here is the collection for November. Of course I had a blast. As always!

So... what will I do instead?

I think that of course there will be collections. But more like The Tea Pavilion, or We Travel, or Strawberry Fields, or Wow Mom, Breakfast in America or Coming home. Collections with a theme. But of course with more brushes like I do now, with more dolls and pocket cards, even with a template maybe. It's gonna be a blast, that's for sure. Like the blast I had when I designed the Anthology for August this year.

Now it's in the shop for everyone! YAY! So here it is...

Thank you for reading my blog. As a little present you can download this template hereunder, in psd files for photoshop, but also in a mix of jpg and png files for all other programs by clicking on the link below or on the little preview.

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