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I don't complain often...

I have to say it: Photoshop 2019 with the new undo and especially the very annoying shift inactivation for scaling gives me the creeps! I hated it so much - and I'm not a very hateful person - so I decided to change it back, because I don't have the time to be studying again all day to make it work another way. I don't have the time to make endless mistakes. I REALLY HOPE from the bottom of my heart, that the shift thing and the undo thing will be back in a later version. Now I am SO GLAD that I could still work with the 2018 version, I's now thinking it will be the 2018 version FOREVER. So, enough about that. I am in the middle of making a new collection for the All About Me project and this time the doll's name will be....


I am now writing the content for the PDF which will be free again. Of course I will also put other exercises in the collection in a special folder with worksheets, but these are different from the pdf. F.i. there is always a coloring page inside and samples with the doll that plays the main role it the issue.

Here is a little sneak peek from the computer. It's soon in the shop, I will give you the details when it's there! The first set is already downloadable. The set is for free for members of Digital Scrapbooking Studio. You can join the website as a member for free:

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