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You may know by now that the collections I make for All About Me are digital scrapbook collections in which journaling plays a significant role. Journaling, writing down your story, is one of the least rewarded parts of scrapbooking pages. Yet, when you come to think of it, it can give your photo's and stories so much more than just the sum of the pictures you took and the places and dates. Yet, I still see a lot of pages in which is so good to see what someone is doing with next to it, just a sentence about what the person does. I mean... do you have to say that, if it's obvious? Cound't you better tell a little about why the person does what he does? Or on which event? Or the reason that you were there and maybe with who else? Maybe there were other people and it was not in the photo...

This is why I make the All Bout me PDF's. For free. So that you will be able to come up with the whole story. And so that you won't be making the same, sometimes a little common pages, into stunning and clear pages with the whole story or with texts you always wanted to write.

Free PDF's are inmy store for 3 issues. If there is a new issue, the first one will get out of my shop. That's because we are allowed to have 3 freebies in our shops in total. I will make the older ones available later.

Here is the collection...

Here is what the CT and I made ...

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