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Scrapbook Retiring sale

My Retiring sale at Digital Scrapbook Studio has started

Hi there, this is one of the last post on my blog about digital scrapbooking. It's very important to me that you know that this was a question of making choices. For over 17 years I have given everything to digital scrapbooking. I designed for several websites, some of them have stopped a long time ago. One of them, at the biginning of my carreer, even got away with all the money of all the designers, I went to a new and a new and then to Scrapbook Graphics, which was great. Later on I just wanted to go to the website of my friend Toiny Westberry and so I became a Digital Scrapbooking Studio designer. I loved it there and I was just in the right place to sell my products.

Though my style is not for everyone, I didn't mind, because I did this job next to my freelance designer jobs. I had the best time ever. But after I joined some e-course a.o. by Lilla Rogers, Margo Tantau and later the children's books illustration course by Zoe Tucker, I was convinced that some day I would go and give it all to be a fulltime illustrator.

I really tried to combine both jobs as long as possible, by making my collections with as many hand drawn illustrations as I could. That's why I did two years of The Diary Files and one year of All About Me. Now all these products are 60% off. Except for the bundles that were already very low in price, these are now an extra 30% off! YAY!

There are a few fun free items still in my shop, so you can see what I was doing all the time, if you didn't know my work until now.

And I have bundled up my dolls so you can choose from 3 packs. one from 2017's Diary Files, one of the Diary Files of 2018 and a set with the combination of the last few years, the All About Me dolls and the 2020 and 2021 dolls. To see my whole shop and discover the new sale prices, please click HERE:

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