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Working on a new Scrapbook collection

Soon to come: another collection for our scrapbooking project All About Me, in which I connect handdrawn elements, dolls, brushes and more with a project. This year it's all about writing. What do you write on your scrapbook page. Any page. Whether it's a traditional page with a photo or a page without photo where you would write your thought down. It can all be great. But what are the do's and don'ts? What should you avoid and what should you definitely write down. Here's a tiny bit of fun and a little sneak peek of what will come. You can already download this minikit on the forum of Digital Scrapbooking Studio. This minikit is for free. Interested in more freebies? I recommend a subscription to the newsletter which comes whenever there is something new in the shop. You can find it in the folder above called Newsletter. Click on it and become a newsletter reader. You will get the new collection's Newsletter freebie when the newsletter is out!

For this link to the minikit you can join the community of Digital Scrapbooking Studio for free and discover a fun new world of forums, challenges, news, galleries and more. Check it out!

Of course I hope to see you in the minikit challenge for October with a wonderful layout!

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