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MATS B week 1

I just finished the first episode of this MATS B e-course, a course and a journey through all kinds of market that we are going to learn to design for. The first week was the paper market. The first two days we were sketching and the topic we sketched were toy trains. Isn't that great? So I searched on the internet and on my attic and I came up with lots of trains and locomotifs. I studied how they stuck together, how the wheels were attached to the trains, and what objects were parts of the locomotif and train. How the trails and signs looked etc.

After two day we knew what the design was going to be for: Winter Holiday cards. So here is what I finally made:


and here are the cards that I didn't choose, but are also nice to make it into a little collection (who knows, some day...):




...and this is the train I began with...


Anyway, I'm off to sketch for MATS B - Baby and Children's apparel!

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