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We Travel (2)

Last weekend I went to sea with my family. We were going to spent a long weekend in four houses front row on the beach. Ans the weather was sooo good! The sea was still a little cold, but it was good enough to make 13 of our family of 16 go in the water for a little surf lesson. Wow, they had so much fun!

Now I'm making up for those days that I coudn't work properly on my new (revised) collection. So here a few of my CT's and my own pages made with this collection. I think you will like the stickers and the fact that in the Bundle - THAT REALLY HAS EVERYTHING INSIDE INCLUDING THE HYBRID STUFF!!! - are also the freebie with the colorful birds and the freebie of the kit (masks).

Here some of the wonderful pages...

by Tineke:

by Christine:

by Karine:

by Fenny:

by Nina:

by Berna:

by Fenny:

by Tineke:

Thank you for reading my posts. I hope you will visit my shop and subscribe to my newsletter which will be out on Saturday. Of course there will be a freebie inside for you too! Here is the preview....

Really handy when you want to put text on a dark background. There is an upper case and a lower case. Use on anthracite background to get the real chalk board style. Or invert for lighter backgrounds. The alphabet is only in .png files and are only for free with the new issue of Berna's Playgrounds Newsletter!

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